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Smith & Wesson Pepper Spray w/ Keyring

$6.95 $5.95

Protected by Smith & Wesson!

Offering only the best in personal protection since 1852, Smith & Wesson continues its tradition by adding pepper sprays to their superior product line.

Just a short blast of  Smith & Wesson’s 2 million Scoville Heat Unit Pepper Spray will incapacitate one or more attackers for up to 30 minutes. It contains a natural dyeing agent which will visibly mark an attacker for positive identification.

Made in USA, and used and recommended by law enforcement, Smith & Wesson Pepper Spray is available in a compact ½-oz can with a convenient ring so you can store it right on your keys. It comes with a sliding safety mechanism to avoid accidental discharge, yet still allows for quick deployment when you need it to protect yourself.

  • Made in USA
  • Used and recommended by law enforcement agencies
  • Key-ring to attach it to your keys
  • Measurements: 3.5 inches long x 1 inch wide with 1 inch key-ring attached to end
  • One year warranty